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Ed Vanci Lottery winner  Ed Vanci

For most one thing is certain - that nothing in life is certain other than we are born and die! Many aspects of life are a lottery because we lack the wisdom to make them a reality.

I wrote this book to not only give you ways of reducing the one in several million odds of being a lottery jackpot winner, but give you some pearls of wisdom Ive learnt the hard way over several decades of successes and failures in relationships, business and life in general.

Gambling for most people is just pure luck and not being informed of how the odds can be reduced, means that most of us fail. Thats why the bookies are rich! Did you know that many of the lottery scratch cards you buy have no major prizes left? Now thats not a gamble its a complete waste of your money.  Read more about gaining from that in the book.

I hope that everyone that reads this book will take away something of great value whether thats a lottery win or winning in other aspects of life.

how to win the lottery
Remember - You are what you think and every thought has an effect.

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