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My 'How to Win the Lottery' book explained a little about how not to be scammed by the scratch card scam swindle.

Well, here is some recent results which expose possibly the biggest lottery scam - and its right here in the UK.

The National Lottery scratch card scam

Have you ever wondered when you buy a National Lottery scratch card if its a scam?

Oh course not. This is the UK and this is Camelot the government monitored National Lottery owners. They dare not scam you. Right?


So how do they work this lottery scam? Simple, they sell you scratch cards with no jackpots left!

Oh, I only wish I could legally scam people by selling millions of scratch cards each week, promising huge jackpots - but with no jackpots remaining. But thats a crime and I would go to prison as a lottery scammer yes?

If you study the National Lottery's own fact sheets of all the various scratch card games they sell both on and off line, you will notice a chilling truth. The ones they promote or feature and try to entice you most to buy each day, invariably have no major prizes left. Or, they hide any data for them. While the ones they do provide data for, that have high numbers of remaining prizes, you cannot buy.

Now thats what you call a lottery scam! And a massive one that scams scratch card buyers every day of the week.

In a nutshell. I sell a million scratch cards all promising a £1,000,000 top prize, knowing I will never have to pay that £1,000,000 as a prize. What a wonderfully profitable scam! All those millions of hopeful people buying my instant lottery cards dreaming of something that is pure fantasy because its an elaborate scratch card scam! And they can NEVER win.

Take the following as an example:-

Scratch cards that are advertised but you cant easily buy:
£3,000,000 costing £10 with 6 remaining jackpots
£100,000 red £1 7 remaining jackpots
£100,000 yellow £1 10 remaining jackpots
£250,000 blue £2 7 remaining jackpots
and many many more

Featured scratch cards you can easily buy
£250,000 red £2 data hidden
£1,000.000 20x £5 data hidden
£100,000 instant lotto £1 data hidden
£1,000,000 Monopoly £5 No jackpots remaining
£300,000 bejeweled £3 No jackpots remaining
And many many more

Get the picture? The games they push and feature most each day have either no major prizes left or their data is hidden (I wonder why?) . While the newer advertised games with lots of jackpots are not for sale on line and hard to find in shops.

A very clever lottery scam thats hard to spot unless you spend time researching the available data over a period of time. I have personally been watching this very well disguised and clever UK lottery scam for quite a while.

You cannot advertise and sell lottery scratch games which advertise big prizes when the reality is, there are no big prizes left. Its a straight forwards con and giant lottery scam, thats been going on for years. And millions of people are scammed by it every week.

I am absolutely amazed that nobody has realised this game scam before, which at the minimum breaks trading standard laws and a very clever illegal lottery scam. But like I said earlier, this is a UK government monitored Camelot and the National Lottery is considered part of Britain's institution, so who would suspect some crafty skulduggery?

So if you are going to buy a scratch card - think twice and don't. Unless you have gone Online and read the facts to weed out the scam cards from the good ones. You can read more about this in my book below and a whole lot of practical advise to help you not only win a lottery but win in every day life.

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Release date 29th April 2016

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How to Win the Lottery: Ed Vanci


Being a scientist I have always been interested in the fact or fiction of 'odds'. Whether that applies to gambling, business risks or daily life.

In any gambling, there are two types of gambler. The majority who dream and take a pot luck gamble and those that also dream but take 'calculated' gambles. Obviously, the later are more successful.

So don't just dream of winning the lottery, make it happen!

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