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Release date 29th April 2016

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How to Win the Lottery: Ed Vanci


Being a scientist I have always been interested in the fact or fiction of 'odds'. Whether that applies to gambling, business risks or daily life.

In any gambling, there are two types of gambler. The majority who dream and take a pot luck gamble and those that also dream but take 'calculated' gambles. Obviously, the later are more successful.

The lottery is a straight forwards gamble and 99% of those that buy a lottery ticket have no concept of tilting the odds in their favour. But it can be done! And at the end of the day is a simple method that anyone with an Internet connection can achieve.

So don't just dream of winning the lottery, make it happen!

I personally worked out this straight forwards system last year using the UK lottos and no I haven't won a million jackpot yet. But hardly ever disappointed with at least one win each week of smaller amounts. Certainly enough to warrant the ongoing weekly investment and increase my odds a thousand fold of winning at least a million or even a larger jackpot. Click the icons below to see my winnings
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Some may say if I have such a good lottery system, why show it to others, why not keep it quietly to myself. The answer is two fold and very simple.
Firstly, its no skin off my nose, thousands of people win it every year and it wont affect my odds.
Secondly, I'm not a greedy man, winning half a million on the thunder ball or a million on the main lotto, will do me just fine at my age. Even a couple hundred thousand would do. So I'm not really worried how many people share a jackpot as life is already financially stable, but it would be nice to have a big win and help my children into financial stability. Guess you kind of start thinking that way later in life.

So why do I charge for it? Why not give it away for free?

Well, firstly as they say in Yorkshire 'there's nought for nought in this world' And in general, people have no respect for freebies.
Secondly. I spent a lot of time researching and analyzing and months in putting this e-book together - Like everyone else, I need rewarding.

Want your odds of winning a jackpot in the lottery a thousand percent better and learn how to change your life forever? Then this is the best $10 you ever invested.

Oh, I would ask one thing - When you win a nice jackpot, a little contribution to my paypal ( would be appreciated and increase my belief of the goodness in others. All donations will go towards helping those disadvantaged by disability. If you wish to donate, please click the 'donate' button at bottom of each page.


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